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  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • AromaTouch
  • Infant & Pediatric CST
  • Infant Massage
  • DIY/Oil Share Events

I post your comments and feed back on this page.  I appreciate your kind and honest feedback (even if it’s constructive Critic) as it helps me to do my best in serving you.

  • Cheryl T., Calgary, AB, Canada
    Hi Shelley and Masoud! I just wanted to say thanks again for my Angel Card Reading and CranioSacral. It has been an excellent experience and I look forward to more to come!
  • Marion N., Calgary, AB, Canada
    After breaking up and shovelling a lot of compacted ice and snow in front of our house, I experienced intense shoulder pain. Because the aching extended to my neck and back, my head was tilted at an awkward angle and my range of motion was limited.
    The day after my injury, I was lucky enough to see Masoud for a massage. In addition to his usual work on my muscles, Masoud added an amazing cupping treatment, which increased circulation to the affected area.
    After my session, the pain was lessened considerably and, by the end of the next day, the tension was completely gone. My posture is back to normal and I have been able to resume normal activity.
    Having received several massages from Masoud, I can highly recommend his work, not only for pain management, but also for ongoing stress relief. One of my reasons for choosing a male masseur was to help me deal with issues about my body. I have never told Masoud about that part but, just through his professional manner and his skill and knowledge, I have felt more comfortable emotionally as well as physically.